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Travel in its most beautiful form

The new travel collection AViANT has the right product for every traveler.

  • City and business travelers can rely on AViANT Carry On . With him, you just pass the hand luggage check at the airport and you do not have to give him up as a flight baggage.
  • The AViANT Access Pro is perfect for your next trip around the world : spacious, thoughtful and functional like a backpack and suitcase in one.
  • And the durable and water-repellent AViANT Duffel Pro made of tarpaulin material can accommodate all your sports equipment - whether traveling or in everyday life .

NFC technology

The entire AViANT series is equipped with the practical NFC technology . For this purpose, a small chip is hidden in all models, which hides under the embroidered NFC logo. It can be scanned with most popular smartphones.

AViANT Carry On: Right to the gate!

For city travelers

Fly without baggage! All models of the AViANT Carry On and Carry On Pro series meet the usual hand luggage dimensions. They allow a clean organization of your belongings. The laptop compartment, tablet compartment, clothing compartment with mesh cover, extra inner compartments, removable pocket and organizer compartment ensure this. The all-round zipper allows the backpack to be fully unfolded, while the outer zips also allow quick access to documents and the mobile office.

AViANT Access Pro: Spacious suitcase backpack

Suitcase and backpack in one!

  • With the hinged main compartment, the AViANT Access Pro offers optimum order.
  • Thanks to the compression straps, inside and outside pockets and removable pocket, everything stays in its place as soon as the suitcase backpack is shouldered.
  • Then the sophisticated, coverable back system ensures comfortable carrying even with heavy luggage.
  • The trick is the integrated Daypack: While the main backpack moves into the luggage compartment of the aircraft, you take your carry-on luggage in the small daypack and stow it in the designated compartment after the baggage claim.

AViANT Access: Ideal for frequent travelers

Cities hopping?

The smaller models AViANT Access 38 and 38 SL are ideal for those who travel a lot for business and pleasure and need a handy, fast-packed travel backpack - and do not need to check in luggage at the airport. For longer trips, the AViANT Access 55 and 50 SL offers, which offers significantly more space, but still packs fixed and organized.

AViANT Voyager: classic travel backpack

The classic rethought

The AViANT Voyager is a travel backpack as it is written in the book.

  • Its carrying system with movable hip fins and ergonomic upholstery fits snugly on the hip and transfers the load of the luggage evenly and comfortably to the body.
  • The integrated transport cover protects the luggage when traveling and can also be used as a rain cover.
  • The integrated daypack is handy for shorter trips or your valuables and can be attached to the shoulder straps of the main backpack during the trip.

AViANT Duffel: Robust, spacious and handy

For athletic adventurers

Climbing in Indian Creek? Expedition in the Karakorum? Or for ice hockey training around the corner? The AViANT Duffel Pro made of tarpaulin material is robust, water-repellent and spacious. The packaging of the bag also serves as a backpack. On your journey he is suitable for spontaneous tours and keeps your documents always at hand. Details such as the stowable shoulder straps, which can be converted into a carrying handle, the lockable zippers and the inner and outer pockets make the AViANT Duffel Pro an absolute all-rounder and favorite piece. The smaller sister AViANT Duffel is lighter, but still offers many organization options and a packaging that can be used as a pack sack for a duffel.


What is NFC? 

NFC stands for Near Field Communication . It is a safe standard of RFID technology, specialized in short distances.

NFC is also used for payment options such as EC cards, credit cards or services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. The technology is also used a lot as a complement to Bluetooth. For example, when coupling radio headphones.

What can the AViANT series with NFC and what brings you?

  • Check the authenticity:  By scanning the chip, you can immediately see if it is an original Deuter Product
  • Get product information: Learn all the information about the product before you buy.
  • Save your address: After purchase, you can register your product in your name. If you lose your baggage at an airport or during your trip, the finder can scan the chip to get your contact information.

How does NFC work?

Deuter uses thin self-adhesive chips. These are passive. This means that the chip does not save and sends nothing. The chips are linked to information (a URL). As soon as a device such as a smartphone transmits an NFC signal and is close enough to the chip, it throws back the stored information as an "echo".

NFC is currently compatible with all Android smartphones (including tablets) OS version 4.0 or higher. At Apple devices are compatible from the iPhone 7.Some devices are already able to read NFC without another app, as long as this is activated. Just a little older devices usually need an additional app.

Which data go where, for what and are they safe?

No data is stored on the chip. Strangers can not read data from the chip. All stored data (contact details, other registered products) are saved on an external database and managed by Deuter. A transfer of these data takes place at no time. Deuter only uses the data for marketing purposes after approval has been obtained (eg newsletter).